Reaching the Nations

Freda Theresa Schimpf Lindsay was born in Burstall, Saskatchewan, Canada on April 18, 1914. She was one of twelve children, born in a sod house to Gottfred and Kaity Schimpf, Russian immigrants and farmers. Gottfred had accepted Christ as a Lutheran in Russia, but in Oregon, the family began attending a Full-Gospel church. However, the tough times drew the family closer to God.

In 1919, when Freda was five years old, the family moved to Oregon City, Oregon, and bought an apple orchard. A year later, it became a financial disaster for the family, so they left the farm. Her dad went to work in one of the lumber mills for $3.10 an hour. From the age of nine, Freda always worked in the fields picking berries or beans or hoeing beets. At 13, she got a job house cleaning—washing, ironing, and cooking, earning $3.00 a week. As a result of an agreement she made with her mother, these funds enabled her to go to high school. She continued working her way through high school, graduating from Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon. Freda was awarded a partial scholarship to enter college, but she was unable to attend at that time because her family couldn’t pay the difference. So she worked as a domestic in a home for $30.00 a month. Even though she may not have recognized it at the time, a rigorous work ethic and a fierce determination were being ingrained in her; qualities she was obviously going to need for her future.READ MORE