Reaching the Nations


Freda Theresa Schimpf Lindsay was born in Burstall, Saskatchewan, Canada on April 18, 1914. She was born in a sod house, one of twelve children, to Gottfred and Kaity Schimpf, Russian immigrants and farmers from German origin. Gottfred had accepted Christ as a Lutheran in Russia, but in Oregon, the family began attending a Full-Gospel church. However, the tough times drew the family closer to God.

In 1919, when Freda was five years old, the family moved to Oregon City, Oregon, and bought an apple orchard. A year later, it became a financial disaster for the family, so they left the farm. Her dad went to work in one of the lumber mills for $3.10 a day. From the age of nine, Freda always worked in the fields picking berries or beans or hoeing beets. At 13, she got a job house cleaning—washing, ironing, and cooking, earning $3.00 a week. As a result of an agreement she made with her mother, these funds enabled her to go to high school. She continued working her way through high school, graduating from Jefferson High School in Portland, Oregon. Freda was awarded a partial scholarship to enter college, but she was unable to attend at that time because her family couldn’t pay the difference. So she worked as a domestic in a home for $30.00 a month. Even though she may not have recognized it at the time, a rigorous work ethic and a fierce determination were being ingrained in her; qualities she was obviously going to need for her future.

When she was 18, she attended a revival service held by Evangelist Gordon Lindsay in John G. Lake’s church. Freda felt the convicting power of God come upon her. Unwilling to let those around her know she wasn’t already a Christian, she didn’t go to the altar. After the service, Freda was talking to Gordon’s sisters in the back of the church. Gordon came up to her and said, “I thought tonight was your night.” Freda was so convicted, she went straight to the altar. She repented of her sins, dedicating her life to the Lord. As she was kneeling before the Lord, He spoke to her heart, promising that if she would be faithful to Him, she would one day marry Gordon Lindsay.

Freda didn’t share that promise with anyone for several years. As she waited for Gordon, she began to prepare herself for the role of a minister’s wife by enrolling in the Foursquare Bible School’s evening classes and involving herself in Christian service. She sang in the choir, worked with the youth, and helped in the rescue mission. Gordon was traveling in ministry, so over the next four years, the two had very little contact.

It was four years later, Gordon showed up at the department store where Freda worked as a cashier. You can imagine her surprise when she heard someone say, “Hi, Freda,” and turned around to see Gordon Lindsay standing in front of her. He asked her to dinner. He had to leave just a few days later, but afterwards, they began to correspond on a regular basis. One year later, on Nov. 14, 1937, they were married.


After their wedding, Gordon and Freda pastored the new church he had started in San Fernando, California. Freda stated, “Adjusting to the role of pastor’s wife from that of a young businesswoman, had its joys as well as its difficulties. I found myself doing a lot of things for which I really was not qualified. But in a new work, one doesn’t fill out an application and examine one’s qualifications and limitations. They just get in there and do what needs to be done. So as Gordon’s assistant, I found myself leading the singing, singing solos, speaking, preaching, teaching the young people, counseling, directing the choir, helping clean the church, and so on. Visitation was something I always enjoyed, as I loved the people.”

Shortly after their marriage, Freda decided to complete her course at L.I.F.E. Bible College in Los Angeles. Lacking just one semester, she moved on campus to finish what she had started, while Gordon returned to the evangelistic field. After Freda’s graduation, she joined Gordon in his evangelistic meetings.

Then they pastored a church in Tacoma, Washington. Eight months later, their denomination asked them to pioneer a church in Billings, Montana. They accepted, moving into a two-room apartment that was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Rev. Tommy Hicks helped them build a tabernacle, where Freda served in many areas. “Gordon was preaching every night and playing the piano. I was the janitor, Sunday school superintendent, young people’s leader, and song director for those first two months. As soon as qualified persons joined our efforts, I gladly relinquished one position after another,” said Freda.


During these early months, Gordon and she held services nightly. Besides working extremely hard, fulfilling all the other responsibilities alongside her pastor husband, Freda sat with her feet in the damp sawdust that served as the floor. She developed a heavy cold with a persistent cough that would not go away.

When an opportunity arose for them to travel to Portland, Gordon and Freda took a welcome break and visited with their families and friends. After staying a few days, Gordon returned to Billings and left Freda at her mother’s home to recuperate. Her coughing continued, and she was steadily losing weight. After undergoing X-rays, the doctor’s diagnosis confirmed that she had contracted Tuberculosis. He told her she should go home and spend one year in bed, and if her family could not take care of her, she should make plans to enter a sanitarium. Upon hearing the news, Gordon’s father called Gordon, telling him to return at once to Portland to be at her side.

When Gordon arrived after a long and arduous 1,000-mile trip, he said to Freda, “I hear the news of your condition is not good. But this is not the will of God for us. The devil is trying to destroy my ministry and take your life.” Gordon talked on about it being the will of God to heal Freda and quoted Scripture after Scripture.

While Gordon went to visit his parents, Freda began to call on the Lord. That evening after he returned, Freda, after confessing her sins and communing with the Lord for several hours, told him she was ready to be healed! Gordon cursed the devil and asked the Lord to heal Freda in Jesus’ Name. Gordon quoted the verse “If two of you agree on earth concerning anything they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven” (Matt. 18:19). Freda stated, “So with that as the declaration of my faith, I arose from bed, declaring I was healed. I did not consult my feelings, for had I done that, I would have stayed in bed. No feelings came at first. But back and forth I walked, praising God and thanking Him for healing me, while Gordon shouted with me. After a few minutes, I did feel stronger. Praise God! For some 15 to 20 minutes this went on. Then feeling a little weary, I climbed back into bed, only to rise a few minutes later and proceeded again to thank God for my healing.”

That night Freda slept almost unbrokenly for the first time in several months. The next morning, her mother came to ask what she wanted for breakfast. Freda informed her that she would be joining Gordon and her at the table, and she would dry the dishes afterward. Freda was healed by the power of God!

Freda reflects, “Some have asked if I had a relapse or a recurrence. To this I must say, that for a few months, I would occasionally have ‘symptoms.’ But Gordon, being the strong and thorough faith teacher that he was, had cautioned me that ‘lying symptoms’ would return. When they did, I was to immediately recognize they came from the devil, and I was to resist them with all that was within me. ‘Resist the devil and he will flee from you’ (James 4:7). To emphasize it, Gordon would gleefully point out, ‘You notice, he won’t just walk away. He’ll put his tail between his legs and run for all he’s worth.’ And so it worked! Praise God!” Less than two weeks later, they packed up their belongings and headed back to Billings. Freda enjoyed remarkable health ever since.


After a few more months in Billings, Gordon felt led to leave the pastorate and return to the evangelistic field. They conducted numerous campaigns in many cities. “Whenever we would stay in an ‘undesirable’ home, Gordon with his ever-present humor, would always encourage me with something like, ‘Well, we’re not buying this place. I’ve learned I can live anywhere as long as I know it’s not permanent.’ Or, ‘We’ll soon be moving on.’ When we left that community, because of our ministry and what the Lord had done, we knew we had reached souls who would spend eternity with Jesus. That more than compensated for any inconvenience.” They spent the next several years traveling on the evangelistic field.

By 1944, the Lindsay’s had two children to care for (Carole and Gilbert), and with the travel restrictions and financial concerns that resulted from World War II, they accepted a pastorate in Ashland, Oregon. Many people were saved and the church more than quadrupled in size. While they were in Ashland, their third child, Dennis, was born.

Jack Moore

In 1947, they were engaged in a revival with Evangelist J. E. Stiles, and many were receiving the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. Then Gordon received a letter from one of his old friends, Jack Moore, inviting him to come to Oakland, California, to witness the supernatural signs and wonders that were occurring in the meetings held by William Branham, a young Baptist preacher. What they witnessed changed their lives forever.


It was Branham’s desire to see the believers united, and because Gordon was already associated with the “larger Full-Gospel circles,” it seemed God-ordained that Gordon would be the one to introduce Branham’s healing ministry to the broader Body of Christ by means of these associations. Gordon coordinated numerous inter-evangelical campaigns for Branham in the northwest and into western Canada. The first city-wide campaign in Vancouver, Canada, resulted in the largest auditorium in the city still being too small to accommodate the crowds that returned for the nightly meetings. From Vancouver the team traveled to Portland, Salem, and Ashland,  Oregon; Pensacola, Florida; Kansas City and Sedalia, Missouri; Elgin, Illinois; and Tacoma, Washington.

During the first few months of these campaigns, Gordon, Branham, and Moore saw the need to report what God was doing in these healing campaigns in a magazine that would reach all Full-Gospel believers. Thus, The Voice of Healing inter-evangelical monthly magazine was birthed, with Gordon as its editor. The very first edition was published in April 1948. The purpose of the magazine “was not to argue over doctrine that might precipitate division and confusion among God’s people, but rather to proclaim the message of the Great Commission, to minister healing to God’s people, and to prepare them for Christ’s coming.”

While Gordon traveled with Jack Moore and William Branham, managing his meetings and preaching various revivals, Freda remained in Ashland, Oregon, taking care of their church and the family. She said, “I lay in bed one night, exceedingly grateful to the Lord for my beautiful family, for the spacious parsonage, and for the congregation that so dearly loved us. I began to help the Lord plan my future by reminding Him because I now had everything I really wanted and Ashland was a college town, I would be perfectly happy to remain there. My three children could attend college up the street about a mile, and I felt Ashland would be a good place for the Lord to look for our family when the Rapture took place.”

However, as happy as she may have been with some things, the year away from Gordon was not an easy one. She said, “Over and over again in my diary are notations such as: ‘Miss Gordon a lot;’ ‘Very lonesome;’ ‘So happy to see him;’ and ‘Lonesome for our Daddy.’” Shortly after school was out in May, Freda was more than ready to leave the church and the people she loved to travel full-time with Gordon. They bought a 15-foot trailer and moved everything they could into it from their huge parsonage. The five of them traveled that summer as a family, and they enjoyed every minute of it.

Gordon continued to work with Branham for about six months, and then Branham announced he was leaving the evangelistic ministry. Toward the end of 1949, the Lindsay’s settled in Shreveport, Louisiana, where Gordon continued to manage and publish the Voice of Healing magazine, reporting on other revival meetings of various healing evangelists, such as Oral Roberts, T. L. Osborne, and Jack Coe. For three years their good friend, Jack Moore, assisted them as they established their headquarters in Shreveport. Gordon also continued his traveling ministry. For a while they worked along with several other evangelists, including T.L. Osborn, to help them get their ministries established. This led to the inauguration of an annual Convention for healing-deliverance evangelists that continued for the next 12 years. The Voice of Healing Conventions were held from city to city, filling large auditoriums. Whenever the school session was out, Freda and the children joined Gordon in his travels.

Jack Moore, William Branham, Oral Roberts, Gordon Lindsay


In May 1952, they felt led to move the ministry from Shreveport to a more central location. Finally, after much prayer, Dallas was selected as the new home base. At the time, Gordon felt he could have the advantage of fellowship with religious leaders in their world travels, and it would make it easier for him to get back and forth to his office in his cross-country speaking engagements.

Two years later, in 1954, following the Lord’s direction, the Lindsay’s sold their house in order to start their own printing plant, and they moved into the basement of their office building. This is where they printed the monthly Voice of Healing magazine and the books Gordon was writing.

God began to broaden the Lindsay’s vision in the late 1950’s and 1960’s. In 1961, while on a mission trip to Central and South America, they were told that as little as $250.00 could help the people complete their churches. This prompted the beginning of the Native Church Program. The local, native believers would purchase their own land, supply labor and erect walls of their churches, and the ministry would secure donors to help them put on the roof.

In 1966, they purchased a bankrupt nightclub, renamed the Christian Center, in which they began holding regular seminars and evangelistic meetings. They hosted leading faith teachers such as Kenneth Hagin and John Osteen. Freda also began to host a monthly interdenominational ladies’ luncheon, which continued for many years. She reported and printed these in the magazine, encouraging other Charismatic women to organize similar luncheons in their own communities. And when time permitted, she accepted invitations to help start some of them.

At the age of 50, Gordon also asked Freda to manage the print shop while Gilbert was away for his six months of basic training in the National Guard. Freda stated, “I strongly resisted Gordon’s suggestion at first, telling him I was already 50 years old, and that most people do not start a new career at 50—especially a career in printing, which is so technical and involved. Besides, I felt I already had all I could do in helping Gordon with his books, the magazine, traveling with him, and assisting in the public meetings we held.” However, in the end, she continued, “Realizing my inadequacy and lack of background, I threw myself entirely upon the mercy of the Lord.” And the Lord helped her, for she played a vital role in those early days. After Gilbert returned, it went to another level as they began printing Bibles as well. Later, the plant was moved to the former Soviet Union. Now they’re located in Belarus. Under Gilbert’s leadership, he and his family print and distribute millions of Bibles and Christian literature to 110 countries.

By 1967, the Voice of Healing Ministry had grown into a worldwide missionary organization with an ever-increasing scope of activities reaching around the world with a strong evangelistic message. To more accurately reflect the enlarged ministry and the new international focus, the name was changed in May 1967, to Christ For The Nations.


Freda said, “For years, Gordon had depended upon me to handle most of the business affairs of Christ For The Nations, leaving him free to speak in conventions and seminars, to write his many books, to serve as editor of our monthly magazine, and to oversee the worldwide foreign missions program.”

Then in 1969, after Gordon had been in prayer, he informed his family that he felt led to start a Bible School. Christ For The Nations Institute began in September 1970, with its first group of 50 hungry students. The curriculum included topics such as How to Pray for the Sick, and How the Gifts of the Spirit Operate. The founding purpose of the school was to prepare people for the supernatural ministry, with special emphasis on operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Guest teachers who were already successful in ministry in the field were brought in for limited periods. These guest teachers included Derek Prince, Kenneth Hagin, Harald Bredesen, John Osteen, Maxwell Whyte, Charles Duncombe, Loren Cunningham, Leonard Ravenhill, George Otis, Joe Poppell and others.

On the 25th anniversary of Gordon’s presidency of the ministry, April 1, 1973, Freda was giving the announcements during a CFNI Sunday afternoon service. Suddenly, she heard a disturbance behind her and turned around to see Gordon with his head slumped on his shoulder, as if he were sleeping. God had called His servant home.

In an interview with Freda for the Christ For The Nations magazine in April 2009, she gave the events of that day. “When I awoke that Sunday morning, he was already dressed for the two o’clock service here at CFNI. I asked him what he was doing. He explained he hadn’t slept very well and needed to go to his office to write a letter. I wanted to cook him breakfast, but he said he didn’t want any. If he got hungry later, he’d grab a bite at the little restaurant across the street. That Sunday was the celebration/dedication of the new IB center. We had guests in from all over the country. I remember being at the platform. The worship, which had been especially wonderful that morning, had just ended. Then, I saw in the audience one of our Jewish students who was back from New York. I asked him to come up and tell us about what God was doing in New York. At that moment, I saw several men coming up onto the stage. As I turned, I saw Gordon. He had already gone to be with the Lord. You know, Gordon had always said, ‘Lord, when it’s my time, just let it be quick. No lingering or burden on anyone, just right now!’ God certainly gave him his desire because that is just how it happened.”

Ministers from all over the nation flew to Dallas to say goodbye to their friend and co-laborer in the Lord, and to comfort the family. As they prayed for Freda, some prophesied that Gordon’s mantle had fallen on her. However, she wasn’t so sure. She believed that if this prophesy was from God it would be confirmed when the CFN board met to decide the future of the ministry. The day after the funeral, the 10-man board unanimously elected Freda as Gordon’s successor.

Afterwards, Freda said, “I never expected the CFN Board, 10 men, to vote me in as the new president. At that time, it was difficult for a woman to be at the head of any ministry. I received personal calls from several leaders who wanted to encourage me in my new role; leaders such as Kenneth Hagin, Demos Shakarian, and Chuck Flynn.”

However, well-wishers weren’t the only ones she heard from. She also faced opposition from other Christians who objected to a woman serving in such a key leadership position. She said, “I used to get a lot of letters from people chewing me out and demanding that I resign. Some ministers even wrote to claim I wouldn’t last six months. Very humbly I would write all of them back with the same reply, ‘All of these men, the 10-man board, have put me in this position, and I report to these men.’ Fortunately, I never received anymore letters or heard from them again.”

Dennis Lindsay stated, “We thought it was ironic that the banker, who didn’t really claim to be Christian, told Mom that if the board voted her in, he would give her whatever money she needed to complete the school and property exactly as Gordon would have wanted it, and yet, some of the ‘Men of God’ demonstrated no faith or support at all.”

As she grieved for her husband, the enormous responsibilities that had fallen on her shoulders seemed daunting, but God granted her the strength she needed one day at a time. She wrote a letter to all the missionaries and national workers with whom the ministry had worked, vowing that every project and obligation Christ For The Nations had made would be completed. She stated, “Sometimes, it almost overwhelms me to look back and see what God has done. I now know how it feels to have a thousand decisions to make, and suddenly have the one who has always made them gone—where you cannot even ask his advice. It’s then that I fall at the feet of Jesus, and He sends the Holy Spirit to guide me.”

However, God knew exactly what He was doing, and under her leadership, the ministry continued to grow. In the year following Gordon’s death, Freda hosted seven banquets in seven major cities in the interest of Israel. When the fall semester started, student enrollment had almost doubled. The first six-week summer school with 130 students was successfully completed.

Within 11 weeks of Gordon’s death, friends of the ministry had donated $83,000 to pay off the Headquarters Building, which was built in 1968. Within just a few months, the $71,000 needed to pay off the property for the Institute’s parking lot had been raised. The total for the Institute Building, including the land and the parking lot was $750,000. Though there was a 10-year mortgage, with God’s help, the finances were available to pay it off in only two years saving the ministry $165,000 in interest.


When more dormitories were needed, God blessed the ministry with incredible deals, enabling the purchase of several apartment complexes located right next to the campus. On one occasion, Freda noticed about two acres of land adjoining the campus were for sale. The ministry could not afford the property, but Freda instructed business administrator, Norman Young, to ask the owners to donate the property in exchange for a tax deductible receipt. He obeyed, thinking it was a crazy idea, but six weeks later, the owner walked into Freda’s office with the title deed. Eventually dorms were built on the property. Freda initiated other various building projects, including the Student Center, the Jack Moore Library Chapel building, the Cornerstone apartment complex, a picnic and recreational area, an athletic field, and the purchase of the 10-story Sheraton Hotel.

During the Annual Seminar in August 1976, Freda felt led to share the need for funds to build a new Student Center. When missionaries, Wayne and Martha Myers, pledged $100,000 over the next two years, many others in the gathering were moved to participate and a further $400,000 was pledged. The building was completed in 16 months, with the Myers paying off their pledge in 18 months instead of 24!

In May 1979, construction began on enlarging the Institute Building auditorium from about 1,400 seats to 2,500. Even with all that had happened, Freda was convinced God had said that Christ For The Nations would receive a large piece of property as a gift. Then someone came forward, and as a gift, offered some land. The excitement grew, even though it was located a mile south of the campus.

But somehow, over time, the owner never followed through on his promise. But God wasn’t going to forget His Promise. “On November 14, 1980 (which was Gordon’s and my wedding anniversary), the man who had called on me the previous December walked into my office and handed me a deed to the 41 acres—a property worth a million dollars. This was certainly the largest gift Christ For The Nations had ever received!” said Freda. They sold the property for its full value, and with these funds, the mortgage on the Cornerstone Apartments was completely paid off.



In the years after Gordon’s death, the responsibility of visiting the ministries that Christ For The Nations was financially helping fell solely upon Freda. The international travel was exhausting, but seeing what God was doing around the world was also spiritually uplifting for her. In 1975, Freda traveled to Africa to speak at the dedication service of the new building for Christ For Nigeria Bible School in Benin City, Nigeria, started by Benson Idahosa, a graduate of Christ For The Nations Institute. A year later, she was invited back to speak at the graduation of the first group of students. She also took an offering of more than $10,000 in cash and pledges, conducted a healing service where many people were healed, and she held a special service where about 60 people were filled with the Holy Spirit.


In 1976, she made a seven-nation trip, first stopping in Germany for the opening of Christ For The Nations in Bad Gandersheim, then visiting Seoul, South Korea, where Dr. Yonggi Cho shared that he had learned much from Gordon’s writings. Christ For The Nations had earlier helped him with $20,000 toward building a Revival Center which became their “mother church.” She also visited Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, and India. In India she hosted seminars in several cities, and in Shillong, after holding four services a day, dedicated the Bible school building, which CFN helped Joseph Skinner, a CFNI graduate, purchase. Over the ensuing years, CFN has continued to live up to its name, and today, it has 48 associated Bible Schools in 33 countries.

Through the Literature For The Nations program, books and other Christian literature are published and distributed abroad. Some of Gordon’s 250 books have been translated into 82 languages, and 13 of them have been distributed to over 60 million individuals in developing nations. More than 12,000 churches have been completed in 110 nations with the help of the Native Church Program.


In the midst of her daily management responsibilities, Freda also found the time to author four books, My Diary Secrets; Freda, The Woman Who Took Up The Mantle; The Second Wind; and The ABCs for Godly Living. She also composed three worship songs: Lord Make Us One Today, At the Foot of the Cross I Found Jesus, and Holding Nothing. These songs were included on the annual worship recording of Christ For The Nations Institute in 1980, 1989, and 1992.

In 1974, CFNI produced its first worship recording, and has completed a live project every year since that time. CFNI is recognized as a forerunner in the production of original worship music through its music label, CFN Music, founded in 1994 by Kevin Jonas.

Many of today’s most anointed worship songs and artists were CFNI graduates or students—Kevin Jonas, Russ Taff—winner of five Grammy awards and nine Gospel Music Association Dove awards, Nicole C. Mullen—winner of multiple Gospel Music Association Dove Awards including female vocalist of the year and songwriter of the year honors, Klaus Kuehn, Ana Paula Valadão Bessa, Darek Dowgielewicz, Alan Asbury, Kari Jobe, Tommy Walker, Shannon Wexelberg, James Huey, Marco Barrientos who had been nominated and won many awards in the Spanish speaking nations, and so many more carry the legacy of CFN in their hearts wherever they go.

These live recordings have made a significant impact around the world with such songs as As the Deer, Ah Lord God, To Him Who Sits On The Throne, When I Think About The Lord, Surrender, All The Riches Of You, Glorious, Revelation Song, and many more. The latest recording, Perfect Love, sold over 4,000 copies within three months. Testimonies from people who have been impacted by the CFN albums continue to stream in from around the globe.


Freda’s leadership and ministry accomplishments did not go unnoticed. In 1977, Dr. Ralph McPherson, son of the founder of the Foursquare Church, bestowed upon Freda an honorary doctorate of divinity from L.I.F.E. Bible College at one of their conventions in Portland, Oregon. In 1983, she was honored with the Christian Woman of the Year award, and in 1987, Oral Roberts presented her with an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Oral Roberts University. In 2009, she was inducted into the International Christian Women’s Hall of Fame in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Freda’s frequent travels overseas brought her in contact with many needy situations, which she quickly responded to by providing humanitarian assistance and support to orphans through the generous support of the friends of Christ For The Nations.

When she became aware of the plight of two Russian families who were taking refuge in the US Embassy in Moscow, Freda immediately pursued every means possible to secure their release to the United States. She sent out a plea for friends to help by writing letters or personally contacting congressmen, President Carter, Leonid Brezhnev, the Soviet embassy in Washington, D.C., and the U.S. Ambassador, Malcomb Toon, in Moscow. After years of prayer, correspondence and even visiting Moscow, the now famous “Siberian Seven” arrived on the CFNI campus, where they were given housing, campus employment, and English language lessons.

Freda’s love for helping the needy extended to her constant promotion of the international student scholarship work-study program. Averaging 250 international students each semester from approximately 50 countries, CFNI has sponsored thousands of international students over the years. In the fall 2009 semester, the record was broken with over one third of the student body being internationals.

She was a loyal and strong supporter of Israel, even questioning Texas Governor, George W. Bush about his stand on Israel before he was elected President. Her love for Israel was evident in her leadership of more than 33 tours to the region and the promotion of a love for Israel through the magazine, seminars, and the annual “Bless Israel” day.


Over the years, Freda often had the opportunity to address the more than 33,000 students of Christ For The Nations institute. She had a particular anointing upon her teaching on how to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, seeing large numbers of students receive the infilling. She always challenged the students to read their Bible daily, reminding them that 3 chapters a day and 5 on Sunday would get them through the Bible in one year. By maintaining this practice, Freda has read through the Bible more than 70 times.

In 1985, at the age of 71, Freda resigned as president of the ministry, though she remained chairman for several more years. Her youngest son, Dennis, was elected president. Then in 1994, on her 80th birthday, Freda resigned as chairman. With Dennis filling her shoes, the ministry has continued to prosper. Five advanced schools of ministry have been established to train students in specific fields of study. In 1998, a Spanish Bible School was begun to train Spanish-speaking, Christian leaders, and in 2003, the Evening and Weekend Program was initiated to provide business and ministry professionals the opportunity to continue their education.

Did she always stay this busy? Freda wrote in the fall of 1998, “Some have asked me, ‘Why do you work so feverishly?’ Actually the souls won as a result of nearly 10,000 Native Churches we have helped build in foreign lands, the tens of millions of CFN books in circulation, the Christ For The Nations magazine beginning its 51st year of publication, the hundreds of thousands of tapes we have distributed, the 26,000 Christ For The Nations Institute graduates makes me wish I had a thousand lives to live for the work of the Lord.”

Before officially retiring, at the age of 94, Freda was still actively involved in the ministry. She assumed her responsibilities each day for several hours in her office. She also remained the editor of Christ For The Nations magazine and wrote a monthly column through which she imparted her love and prayer requests for Israel and the nations. She is greatly respected by both church and civic leaders and calls President George W. Bush her friend.

Freda has stated that her greatest joy is “seeing all three of my children serving the Lord and in His work. Shira (Carole) has ministered in Israel for 43 years, where she and her husband, Ari, pastor a Messianic congregation. Gilbert and his family print millions of Bibles and Gospel literature in Belarus, which have been sent out to 110 nations, and Dennis and his family are helping to train World-Changers here on the Dallas campus.” After all, Christ For The Nations isn’t just our name … it’s our mission.

Freda “Mom” Lindsay, as she was affectionately called, graduated to Heaven on March 25, 2010, in her home, surrounded by family members. The Lindsay family chose to have the celebration of her home-going Thursday, April 1, 2010, which was also the 37th anniversary of Gordon’s passing.

Freda is survived by her three children, Shira (Carole) and her husband Ari, Gilbert and his wife Shirley, Dennis and his wife Ginger, eight grandchildren, six great-grandchildren, and her younger sister, Elma Heltzer.