"I am saddened to learn of the death of Freda Lindsay, who was one of the great saints of our generation.

I have known and loved Freda for over 40 years, and have marveled at her indomitable spirit and wisdom which have guided Christ For The Nations from its humble beginnings to the place that it now occupies in international Christian education.  We are all diminished at the loss of this great lady, but we are encouraged as her labor on earth is done she is now enjoying the splendor of her Heavenly Father's kingdom in glory."

Pat Robertson
Founder and Chairman, The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

Chancellor and President, Regent University

"Freda Lindsay’s life has forever defined and sanctified the word “Worker” for all who will ever labor in the interests of the Kingdom of God!   I have never known another fellow-servant of Jesus with an equal match of bold, humble, tireless tenacity to purpose for the advance of the Gospel of Christ than this dear lady.

Everything about her character and style demonstrated the essence of New Testament apostolic life and ministry. Her gargantuan faith and immensely fruitful life model a lifestyle for a new generation to emulate.
Her passion, fidelity and fiery pursuit to both train workers for the global harvest and to plant churches by the thousands leaves a pillar-like witness in the abiding ministry of Christ For The Nations Institute and its many worldwide outreaches.
Anna and I send our love and affirming support to each of the Lindsay children, their families and to all the larger CFNI leadership at this remarkable moment of Christ-honoring celebration of Freda’s monumental life, gracious and loving ways, and international impact unto God’s glory."

Pastor Jack W. Hayford
Founder and Chancellor,
The King’s College and Seminary

President, Int’l. Church of the Foursquare Gospel


"Just over a week ago, I received a DVD recording from Mom Lindsay congratulating my wife Florence and I on our silver anniversary, 30 years of Ministry and my 50th birthday. Little did I know that three days later I would be recording this DVD on an even more significant event. Her home going. I understand this was her last recording and message before she went to be with the Lord. We shall live to cherish this honor.

But this is typical of Mom Lindsay, she loved her graduates. She loved me and my wife and supported us to the end. She had a passion for the nations and her international students.

While we miss her deeply already, we have all benefitted from the great anointing and grace that rested on her. God gave her an eye for leadership and once she saw leadership in someone, she always went out of her way to nurture it.

She has gone home empty, after giving herself away to the nations including Zambia. She leaves behind a legacy yet unmatched by many.

My entry into politics was a defining moment in my relationship with Mrs Lindsay. I was unsure of her response since she had invested so much in my life and Bible School. I asked for her advise before I made the announcement. Her written response was, “Nevers, I believe the hand of the Lord is on your life.”

This was a great surprise to me as she even went further than I had anticipated. That was her strength. Once she believed in you, she stood with you to the end.

My success, that of Victory Ministries and the positive changes that have taken place in my nation, have a direct link to the faith and support of Mom Lindsay.

We shall miss you Mom, but we all pray that we can aspire to come within some remote distance of a life well lived.

So long Mom Lindsay, So long!"

Dr. Nevers Mumba
Zambian High Commissioner to Canada

"Here are my memories of Mom Lindsay:

I was asked to write something about Mom Lindsay:

I first met Mom Lindsay in Germany, at the dedication of the new Glaubenszentrum Bible School.  On five or six occasions over the two days I was there for the celebration, Mom Lindsay literally cornered me and told me that the Lord had a missionary call on my life and that I was supposed to come to her school in Dallas to get trained.  I knew I had a missions call, but the last place I wanted to go for training was Dallas, TX, especially since I absolutely loved living in Berlin and was very active in evangelism and Bible smuggling into the communist countries to the east.  Three months later in my morning devotional time, the Lord asked me why I hadn't listened to Him through His servant, Freda Lindsay, and He directed me to move to Dallas and enter CFNI within the month.  It was one of the best things the Lord has ever spoken to me to do!

During my time at CFNI, Mom Lindsay would often talk to me about the world, missions and evangelism.  She was always encouraging, and her unwavering faith in God to do the impossible drove me to my knees in the prayer room more times than I can count, asking God for that same child-like faith and absolute trust in God that He was able to change entire nations and draw souls to Himself.

Now, over 30 years later into my missions career, I look forward to my annual visit to CFNI with great expectation.  My first stop when arriving on campus was always Mom Lindsay's apartment, where we talked about the moves of God all around the world.  She had an insatiable appetite to hear what God was doing, especially in the darkest places in the world where the Gospel still needs to penetrate even farther.  I always brought the young missionaries I was  mentoring to Mom Lindsay's apartment with me so that they too could be inspired by her passion for the glory of God in the nations, just like I had been way back in the 70's.

My last visit to her apartment was just five months ago on October 11, 2009.
As usual Mom Lindsay welcomed me and my young missionaries-in-training into her apartment with open arms.  We all laughed and talked about God's miracles around the world and His love for the lost and dying until late into the night.  When we left her apartment that night, I was so blessed to see that my young friends and colleagues had been excited and inspired by her stories of the moves of God and His miraculous and faithful provision time after time so that the Gospel could be preached to all nations.  Over the next week, Sister Lindsay went out of her way to eat lunch with me and the 10 young missionaries I had brought with me.  Her conversation was laser-focused on missions and evangelism, and she left her indelible mark on yet another generation of missionaries who were inspired to take the Gospel to the darkest parts of the world.  None of us will ever forget those precious hours with our beloved Mom Lindsay.  She is dearly loved and greatly missed!

Fred Markert
Director, YWAM NSI
(Network for Strategic Initiatives)

“Mrs. Lindsay has encouraged generations with her example and commitment to the Lord.  The world has lost one of the great leaders of the last century.  I have never seen any greater example of careful stewardship of God’s calling and ministry.  She will be greatly missed, but her legacy will live on through the lives of those who have come through CFNI and go out into the world to advance the Kingdom of God.”

Kevin Jonas

"When John and I met Freda Lindsay in 1973, shortly after Gordon's death, she opened a great door of opportunity to us, as John became director of the Institute and I worked for her in the editorial department. Although we had already served on the mission field, our 23 years at Christ For The Nations greatly expanded our vision and led to more doors of ministry opening in many parts of the world we never expected to see. She assigned me to write my first book in 1974, which led to my writing many other books in later years. She always expected a lot from everyone who worked for her, but she never demanded more than she herself was willing to give. Her tenacity and singleness of purpose have challenged me to follow her example. Especially in the years since John's death, I've come to appreciate her more than ever. As a result of her labors on Earth, Freda Lindsay will meet many in Heaven who will be there because of her faithfulness."

Ruthanne Garlock

"THE GREAT CELEBRATION OF FREDA’S WELCOME TO HEAVEN overshadows any expressions that we can articulate regarding the void she leaves on this Earth.

Freda’s life, her dedication, her faithfulness in the propagation of the Gspel is an inspiration to those of us who have benefited from her vast number of godly commitments. She valiantly accepted and carried the mantle and visions her husband Gordon left her. Gordon and Freda’s investment in our mass media ministry adds another dimension to their many accomplishments with 5,700 daily Spanish “Message to the Conscience” programs in 33 countries of the world. We feel honored to have been personal friends of the Lindsay’s.

This world is a better place because Freda Lindsay lived, and she will be remembered as ONE OF THE GREATEST WOMEN OF FAITH OF THIS CENTURY.

Freda’s life was a beautiful flower, radiating the aroma of God, in a field of flowers that her life has produced. “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the Word of our God stands forever” (Isaiah 40:8).


Paul and Linda Finkenbinder
Hermano Pablo

"Dear Dennis and Ginger:

It is with sadness that we received the news of Mom Lindsay's home-going and yet we rejoice that it was her Coronation day and reunion with our Lord. He has come down to earth and plucked His favorite beautiful flower to adorn His table above.

We met Mom Lindsay at the World Pentecostal Conference in Singapore in 1977. I was the Organizing Secretary for that Conference. She encouraged me and Marguerite, then my girl-friend, to take time from our professions and attend CFNI for a term of studies and spiritual refreshment. We took up her offer in 1981 and while Marguerite and I were studying there, we felt led by the Holy Spirit in 1981 to suggest that we started a Missions Fellowship among the students. We called it the CFNI Missions Fellowship. Her support was positive and enthusiastic and the Fellowship energized several graduates who were staying around the campus and "waiting for the Spirit to lead them to a mission field". 

Mom Lindsay made missions a compulsory subject and invited me to join the late John Garlock in teaching a missions class of some 700 each year. We did that for four years. She was strong on the adage that "a missionary is not just one who crosses the seas but one who sees the Cross". This principle of going and giving to missions was brought out in Nehemiah 11:1,2.

Mom Lindsay was also of the strong belief that "a missionary may have an error of place but never an error of purpose". The sin is in remaining at home and not going out as divinely directed. 

We thank God for Mom Lindsay's accomplishments and her encouragement. We shall also remember her warmth and love for all that the Lord put under her charge. We shall all meet her again.

Please extend our condolences to both of you and your family. God bless you all."

Marguerite and Hin Hiong KHOO
International Christian Mission

  "Dear Dennis and Ginger,

Akemi and I extend our condolences to you and your family at this time. We pray that the Lord will comfort you all at this time of losing your precious mother, even though we know that she is now with her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

It has been such an honor to come to know MRS. Lindsay when we were students back in the early 90s and then as we visited CFNI from time to time. It is also a great honor for us to have our son Ray not only studying at CFNI as a scholarship student currently, but also having the privilege of being asked to walk with MRS. Lindsay at the CFNI track. Our daughter Alice is also studying in the School of Youth Ministry currently of which we are also very grateful.

I (Gerald) also fondly remember being asked to join MRS. Lindsay for lunch and sitting next to her back in November 2008. She was keen to hear about what the Lord was doing through CFN Japan Bible School.

We as the Goodall family are very grateful to MRS. Lindsay and to the entire Lindsay Family for your kindness extended to us in many ways. 

Truly MRS. Lindsay has left a great legacy in the whole world including Japan. Praise God. Her reward in heaven will be great."

Gerald and Akemi Goodall
CFN Japan


"When she was born, she was launched a great warrior for God.  Her rewards are for eternity, she has passed on a great legacy."

Loren Cunningham
Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

"Freda 'Mom' Lindsay has been a great inspiration to so many on being faithful to God until the end.  My wife and I had the privilege of seeing her in January as she sat with her Bible on her lap. She told us how she has read her Bible from cover to cover every year since she has been saved. She was truly a great woman of God, who fought the good fight, and finished the race with grace. She was an amazing example to us all!"

Pastor Duane VanderKlok
Lead Pastor Resurrection Life Church

"Hi Dennis,

Sue and I are in Toronto, Canada where we heard about your mom (and ours) home-going last Friday. There is a mixture of sadness and gratitude; sadness, knowing we will not see her again, and gratitude for such an incredible life. She was a great example to all of us of absolute trust in God, simple obedience to His will and genuine humility. 

We will not be make it back in time for the memorial service but know that our thoughts and prayers are with you."

Eddie Hyatt
Hyatt Int’l. Ministries
"Dear Dennis & Ginger

We just learned the news of your mom. Please know that our hearts and
prayers are with you and the family at this time. She was a wonderful woman
who loved the Lord and served Him with her whole heart. We grieve with you
that she is no longer with us and celebrate with you in her going home!

Avi & Chaya Mizrachi
Pastor, Adonai Roi Congregation
Director, Dugit Messianic Outreach Centre
Tel Aviv, Israel

"Freda Lindsay established a Holy Spirit-confirmed legacy of integrity and faith.  While she was on this earth she displayed the loving heart of Jesus.  Of course, we will miss her, but thank God, she’s in our future.  I am thrilled and immensely blessed to have known her and to have called her my friend."

Kenneth Copeland
Kenneth Copeland Ministries

"Freda Lindsay, was without a doubt, one of the greatest Christian leaders to have lived.  She never flagged in times of challenge or distress.  There are many people who say that they want to be a history maker--Mrs. Lindsay was one!  It could truly be said of her that she gave it all--never held back a single ounce of time, energy, nor passion for the Lord.  She will be deeply missed."

Dr. Cindy Jacobs
Generals International

"I’m eternally grateful to Mrs. Lindsay for her leadership at Christ For The Nations. Attending CFNI dramatically changed my life as I grew in God and experienced healing and a new beginning in life. At CFNI I learned how to minister to children and was introduced to missions, now my two passions.  Mrs. Lindsay’s support of many orphanages and her love for children was a great inspiration. She supported Children’s Ministries at CFN including having an on-site Preschool. Mrs. Lindsay gave encouragement to our summer camps for youth (YFN) and children (KFN), welcoming teens and children onto the campus so they could encounter God.  It was joy to see Mrs. Lindsay each day as she went to and from her office when she would stop for a brief visit that usually included hugs and kisses and spoken words of love. This amazing woman of God not only had time for the large crowds, she gave of herself to individuals—she gave herself to me!"

Connie McKenzie
Children's Ministries Director
Christ For The Nations

  "Miss Freda was one of my heroes, and “one of the Giants of the Faith.” As a Pentecostal / Charismatic historian, I have always recognized the rich spiritual roots of the Lindsay family and their enormous labor in building Father God’s Kingdom, as symbolic of the 20th Century Pentecostal Movement. Few in the movement have trained so many workers for the Kingdom. What a legacy and what a salute to Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jack arrived back from a ministry trip late last night and I shared the news with him this morning.

P.S. Because of you, Brian, and your good graciousness, I clearly remember the last time I met with Miss Freda on campus when you had me there. Thank you for providing me with such a rich memory."

Paul G. Chappell, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President
Chief Academic Officer
The King’s College and Seminary

"We are all grateful that this daughter of God, Freda Lindsay has fulfilled her destiny and delighted our Eternal Father.  Her daily faithfulness to her calling is a great example to us all.  She along with her husband Gordon and their children have been an everlasting inspiration and blessing to our family.  My wonderful mother, Pauline Parham served Christ for the Nations from its first year in development for over twenty years.  Freda Lindsay was the administrator that knew how to handle business for Christ’s sake that was needed throughout the years of the ministry of her family and the Bible Training Institute after Gordon’s home-going.  We know God prepared a glorious entrance and celebration for her as she left us to go to the place of her citizenship and meet Jesus."

Roberta Parham Hromas
The American Christian Trust


"In 1949 in Corpus Christi Texas, I was a young girl of 16 when I walked on a Saturday afternoon to a healing revival.    Under the enormous tent, to my utter surprise, there was a woman speaking. It was Freda Lindsay. Her words were powerful and her message was about to change my life forever. She spoke on how to be filled with the Holy Spirit. That day, I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and my amazing journey with God began.

Since that time, I have always felt connected and kept track of her ministry. CFNI had always participated in all of the “Washington For Jesus” prayer rallies and been a great friend of One Nation Under God. Freda was also a member of International Women In Leadership. Finally, in 1996, I had the opportunity to meet with Freda Lindsay and told her over lunch how our paths had crossed so many years before. 
I am proud to say that my daughter and son-in-law, who are both in the ministry today, attended CFNI as well as my grandson.
 Mrs. Lindsey was not only a model of a Godly woman, but she was a great example of a woman of God who was successful in ministry and in leadership on a national and international scale. She was my hero and a great visionary for the church in her generation!  

On behalf of myself, my family, the Rock Ministerial Fellowship, and the Rock Church of Virginia Beach, we extend our deepest heartfelt sympathies at your loss. May God sustain you and keep you."

Bishop Anne N. Gimenez, D.D.
Co-Founder and Sr. Pastor, The Rock Church

Virginia Beach, VA

"We are so grateful for Mrs. Lindsay's dedication to her calling and especially her love for Israel. Her example and generous giving to Messianic Jewish believers globally, especially those in Israel, and those called to Jewish ministry have deeply influenced both the Jewish and Christian worlds. Through the years, she was very supportive of the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute by attending our annual fund-raising banquets, giving generously to our ministry, and encouraging us in our calling. We have many leaders associated withthe MJBI who are graduates of CFNI. She profoundly influenced our ministry. Mom Lindsay will be deeply missed, and yet we know heaven is rejoicing at her home going."

Dr. Wayne and Bonnie Wilks
International Director of MJBI

"We can hardly think of Freda without also remembering Gordon.  They were a team.  Since our first meeting in 1958, they continually followed Christ's own example, laying down their lives in the advancement of God's Kingdom.  They have indeed affected the whole world many times over.  My son-in-law, Paul Snyder, graduated from CFNI in 94.'  He wrote a fitting tribute to "Mom" Lindsay on Facebook, the day after she went to be with the Lord:

"My family has known the Lindsay family since the 1960’s. My parents and my wife’s cousin, Loren Cunningham, traveled together with Dennis Lindsay in Europe and behind the Iron Curtain in the early days of YWAM.  I have been told that even back then, as a young man, Dennis was exhibiting the qualities of a humble servant (he would always help with the boring and lackluster tasks, such as doing dishes and peeling potatoes).  Still today, as the CEO of Christ for the Nations, Dr. Dennis Lindsay exhibits the qualities of a servant.  The character we see in Dennis, and the Lindsay family, is an ongoing tribute to Mrs. Lindsay.

In an era of scandalous ministries, Freda Lindsay was a shining example of integrity, humility and downright wholesome values.  Her life in Christ was not a theory; her faith was real and active.  Her treasure was stored in heaven rather than earth.  She made sure that the finances of CFNI were handled impeccably, well above reproach.  Once, Dennis told me that some reporters had come to the ministry, eager to find a scandal of some sort, so as to add CFNI to the growing list of reprehensible ministries.  They searched and searched, and found nothing.  And of course, they did not report the good news, that CFNI was found, under scrutiny, to be a trustworthy ministry.  But the fact remains that Mrs. Lindsay imparted her values to her family, as well as her organization.  Her righteous example was, of course, the result of her faith.  And may we all continue to carry the Light as she did!"

The Church is indebted to the Lindsay's children for carrying on the ministries of Christ For the Nations.  Freda remained a stalwart example to them, and all of us, for 37 years after Gordon's passing.  Today we join countless fellow ministers in honoring our dear and faithful sister, Freda Lindsay."

Oren Paris II, 
Chancellor, Ecclesia College

"I first met Sister Freda Lindsay the summer of 1976 when my husband and I attended Christ For The Nations Institute. We were amazed at her spiritual strength and leadership and were inspired by her vision to reach the nations of the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was while we were at CFNI that we caught the vision for world outreach and missions. She used her faith to believe for finances to build churches and schools and to support missions throughout the world.

She demonstrated the power and the fruit of the Holy Spirit as a leader. Her administrative and business giftings, along with her spiritual foresight in all that she built and established on the campus of CFNI, is an amazing testimony. She was definitely one of God’s spiritual generals in the Body of Christ. I’m thankful for her encouragement through the years and we as a family have felt honored to know her personally and to know the Lindsay family.

Sister Lindsay has now entered into the reward for her labor here on earth and is present with her Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. She has joined countless others who are among the cloud of witnesses in heaven urging us on as we finish the race that God has set before us here on earth and as we bring in this last day harvest of souls."

Sharon Daugherty
Victory Christian Center

"Freda Lindsay was a giant among the Christian women of the world. She ministered to CFNI students and imparted to them Godly principles, which have not only been deposited into each of their lives, but also dispensed through them to cover the world. In addition, she ministered God's Word, which is eternally true and real, throughout time. She was an astoundingly great lady."

Taylor Nichols

"We thank God for Mom Lindsay who gave us scholarships and imparted to us a vision for world missions! She believed in us, encouraged us, and personally cared for us as a true friend and mother. She helped launch our ministry to the nations through her love and timely support. Her prayers have brought us tremendous breakthroughs. We will always remember her and follow her great example of leadership and faith, as we take the love of Christ to the Nations."

Suleman & Tina Manzoor
RAPHA Mission Int'l

CFN Alumni ‘97


"Freda Lindsay, a modern-day portrayal of a female leader whom God raised up for a particular purpose in the midst of end-time spiritual warfare. She did not discourage male leadership, but took her place among gifted men in their spiritual functions. Freda preferred to see students take their places, and thus fulfill an unquestionable destiny, even as she has done. She is now accepted in glory where there is neither male nor female."

Dr. Eric Belcher
Executive Vice President

Executive Director, Associated Bible Schools
Christ For The Nations

"Dear Dennis & Ginger & family

We were very saddened by the news of the passing on of Mum Lindsay. We tried to find means of coming to the Home Going service but due to the situation of visas and the time being too short we are not able to come. We really wanted to come but it's one of those things. Mum Lindsay will surely be missed. She was so precious. During her lifetime she accomplished her mission from God. She shouldered the work that was left by her husband Gordon Lindsay and God enlarged her territory. We are consoled by the reason that she has gone to be with the Lord whom she loved and served with her whole heart. We pray and believe God will give you grace to carry on from there and enlarge your territory beyond what is imaginable and that CFNI will remain a shining star for training people for spreading the gospel to the whole world that Jesus Christ has died for. May God give you supernatural wisdom to be able to handle everychallenge that comes your way. Our hearts and prayers are with you at this time. God bless you."

Ezekiel & Eunor Guti

"How honored we were to be able to have Sister Lindsay on Celebration last fall. She was more excited and vibrant than all of us as she shared her heart about CFNI. We here at Daystar are blessed by the fruits of her labors. Many of our employees are graduates of CFNI. They have nothing but wonderful comments about her. She was always there to give them an encouraging word as she passed them on campus. She could relate to them because she retained her youth. To think, she was even on Twitter. What a legacy she leaves behind. Not only her children and grandchildren rise up and call her blessed but she has perhaps tens of thousands of children in the Lord that would not be where they are today had it not been for her undying commitment to serve at CFNI."

Marcus D. Lamb
President / CEO
Daystar Television


  "Dear Dennis,

Warmest greetings from Mt. Carmel.  Rita and I would like to send you, Ginger and your family our sincere condolences on the passing of your mother into God’s presence.  I know you already greatly miss her.  She and your father were wonderful servants of God and our own lives and ministries are part of the fruit of their labors.  We want to stand with you on the occasion of her passing and express our love and gratitude to you and to all your family.  May He fill you with His shalom and special power today and in the days to come as well."

Peter Tsukahira
Co-Founder and Co-Pastor, Kehilat HaCarmel Congregation Mount Carmel, Israel


  "Dear Dennis, Ginger and family,

Jeri and I wanted to extend our love and prayer support to you and your family, during this difficult time.

We have always held such a deep love and appreciation for Mom Lindsay and regret not being able to attend her memorial service due to my health issues during this battle with cancer.  Her amazing legacy will be carried on throughout the generations to come.  Only in heaven will we be able to clearly grasp the immense impact of her faithful work on this earth.  Oh the unspeakably awesome reception she must have received when she entered glory!

Please know that we are lifting you up, as well as the CFNI students, staff and faculty."

Steve and Jeri Hill
Steve Hill Ministries
Sr. Pastor, Heartland World Ministries Church
Irving, TX


  "Dear Dennis and Ginger:

How Heaven must have applauded your mother's entrance into God's presence! She certainly made an indelible imprint on the Body of Christ, and many will spend eternity with the Lord because of her tireless service in His kingdom.

Freda Lindsay was a remarkable minister in her own right, in addition to the extraordinary ministry she had with her husband. Her leadership and influence were far-reaching—and will continue to be so. Her warmth and graciousness endeared her to countless people around the world. Her devoted love for Christ and her passionate service in His name are cause for tremendous gratitude to God. We celebrate both her life and legacy.

The Foursquare Church has always been grateful for its association with Gordon and Freda Lindsay. Their early years of ministry in Foursquare churches bore lasting results; their impact was tremendous. On behalf of The Foursquare Church, Debbie and I send our love and condolences to you and to your family, and all others who dearly love the memory of this great woman. May God continue to multiply the fruits of her labors."

Rev. Glenn Burris Jr.
Interim President
The Foursquare Church
Los Angeles, CA